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Grantee Resources

TG believes that its relationship with grantees should be a partnership. We start by taking time up front to identify what success looks like, then translate that assessment into specific, measurable outcomes. With this inclusive philosophy, we aim to manage and monitor progress in the early stages of the grant with essential results data, rather than setting accountability at the activity or process level — giving our grantee partners more flexibility to innovate and solve problems.

Grantees working with TG can expect

  • Clear, mutually-agreed-upon expectations of what success looks like for the proposed work
  • Identification of measureable outcomes
  • Flexibility for innovation on how outcomes will be achieved

We require regular reporting from TG grantees to help us stay informed about the progress of each program we fund. We also want to inform the broader postsecondary access and success community about what works. We have developed two document templates to assist grantees in communicating the progress and outcomes of their projects:

Progress Report Framework — Use this template to prepare required progress reports during the project timeframe. Along with these reports grantees must provide an updated project budget using the budget form originally submitted with the project proposal, indicating all expenditures to date.

Final Report Framework — Use this template to prepare the required final project report. In addition, grantees will need to provide a reconciled project budget, using the same budget format as they submitted with the original application.

Requesting No-Cost Budget Adjustments and Extensions

Any budget adjustments or extensions to report due dates or project end dates require amendments to the grant agreement in advance of any change. For information on this process, contact