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TG Foundation


The TG Foundation was established as a new 501(c)(3) organization in 2016, but it is deeply rooted in a 30+ year history of support for students and families pursuing their educational and career dreams. The Foundation’s priorities and approach to grantmaking are informed by the experience and expertise gathered through TG’s prior funding efforts as well as the institutional knowledge of the organization’s work in student debt and decision-making.


The TG Foundation aims to increase postsecondary attainment and affordability by supporting ideas and strategies that test and inform practice and policy to positively impact student decision-making and prudent student debt.


Transformative Power of Education

Education – especially some form of postsecondary credential or degree – remains the most reliable method of increasing social and economic mobility. Postsecondary education serves both a private and a public good.


All students deserve educational opportunities, and that means that some students need and should receive additional benefits or resources.


The foundation’s grantmaking processes, priorities, and policies will be transparent and easily understood.

Data-Informed Decisions

Both in its grantmaking and in its own administration, the foundation will rely on quantifiable information to the extent possible.